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Winner of the Composites UK Innovation in Composites Design Award 2023

Concrete Bridge

The ages of civilisation have been determined by the mastery of new materials.

We are now entering an era where it is possible to design materials from the molecular level upwards.


This gives the potential for staggering improvements in performance.

Our mission is to conduct new molecular-level design and development of materials

We are able to achieve materials with ultra high toughness, fire resistance, thermal conductivity, as well as materials derived from sustainable ingredients

We use an agile approach to materials science

Undertaking a broad range of R&D activities

Cutting Edge Research

World leading research into new materials

Rapid Prototyping of Materials and Designs

One week material development cycles

Extensive Testing Capabilities

From battery cycling to full aerospace regulation tests 

Novel Materials Database

We have characterised thousands of novel materials 

Advanced Modelling

From molecular modelling to finite element methods

Parallel Lines

We have a range of high-tech products for industrial and commercial applications

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Let's innovate for a cleaner future

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