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The future of thermal management.

Bridging the gap with superior thermal conductivity and adhesive strength


Electrification is the force driving innovation in the transport industry

Batteries and power electronics generate significant heat during operation, which presents a major limitation to the performance of electric vehicles

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are used to direct this heat away from critical components

Existing TIMs are flawed, which leads to compromises in electric vehicle design


Best-in-Class TIMs developed by FAC Technology

A series of high-performance, electrically insulating Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) that remove the compromises inherent in traditional TIMs. The bespoke formulation effectively fills gaps, resulting in reduced thermal resistance and improved cooling efficiency.

Existing TIMs
FAC Technology's TIMs

Available Options

FAC Technology has a database of different materials suitable for applications ranging from electric vehicles to power electronics. Two example materials are outlined below:

Electric Car Battery Charging


1.5-1.9 W/mK

11.9 MPa LSS

Electronic Circuit Board


3.8-4.1 W/mK

9.6 MPa LSS



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