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Motor resins: Engineered for endurance

Unleashing the potential of high-performance motors with durable and high-temperature resistant resins

electric drive
Car Wheel

Electric motors are driving the transport revolution

Groundbreaking power densities and harsh operating conditions require a new approach to electric motors

Over 30% of electric motor failures stem from overheating insulation


These overheating problems are a major limiting factor in better motor design and performance

This problem is made worse by legacy thermal classes that overstate the high temperature performance of insulation

FAC Technology is solving the overheating problem with resins designed for maximum robustness at high-temperature.

This includes a series of high-performance resins for impregnation, encapsulation and potting of electric motors and power electronics. FAC Technology resins exhibit glass transition temperatures (Tg) up to 220°C. FAC Technology materials boast unparalleled durability and crack resistance at this Tg level, enabling high-temperature motor operation without compromising various electrical and mechanical properties that typically degrade above the Tg.  

Case study:
Adhesion to PEEK

FAC Technology is excited to showcase its breakthrough PEEK-compatible resins, designed to ensure optimal performance and adhesion under extreme motor operating conditions.

  • PEEK-coated wires are excellent for supporting higher voltages, but they present a significant bonding challenge

  • Motor designers have reported resin debonding from PEEK under typical motor operating conditions

  • Debonding leads to insulation breakdown and motor failure

FAC Technology has conducted extensive testing and development and can now offer resins that solve this debonding problem

Competitor resins lose 85% of their adhesion to PEEK under motor operating conditions, while FAC Technology resins lose no adhesion

*Competitor resin has been nominated as PEEK compatible and is advertised as thermal class H (180°C).

Testing conducted by FAC Technology using facilities at Imperial College London

Available Options

FAC Technology has a database of different materials suitable for application methods ranging from trickle impregnation to encapsulation and potting. For use in electric motors, power electronics and beyond. Two example materials are outlined below:


FAC Tech 193-500

Tg 193 °C

<200 mPa s


FAC Tech 220-500

Tg 220 °C

260 - 370 mPa s

Electric motor

Is your motor insulation built to last?

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