Mass production of face visor underway

FAC Technology has partnered with Rheon labs to commence mass production of the face visor that has already been trialled with Imperial College Healthcare Trust, and many others in London and Surrey.

The team at Rheon Labs did a fantastic job last week (and indeed throughout the weekend) to create a tool ready for use bright and early on the morning of Monday 6th April 2020. The manufacturing process they are using is injection moulding, which is commonly used for the mass production of plastic components. Rheon labs currently has the capacity to produce 500 units per day, and the first of these orders was donated to Hounslow and Richmond Community Trust on Wednesday.

FAC Technology has demonstrated an easily scalable production solution. The injection moulded design, mk 8.9.3, can be easily downloaded here. Any healthcare trust in the UK or the world can now take this design to a contract manufacturer and rapidly scale up production. FAC Technology has set up the supply chain ready for the NHS trusts in and around London to be supplied with 5000+ visors a day.

2 thoughts on “Mass production of face visor underway

  1. Simon Church

    Hi could you tell me what raw material this head band is moulded out of please. Thank you Simon Church.

    • Admin

      Yes, of course. Polypropylene

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