First 100 face visors delivered – more on the way

Late in the afternoon of Saturday 28th March 2020, Alex Fergusson (FACT’s CEO) received a call from Deloitte with unusual request – “do you have 100 visors you could spare for the Army and NHS?” At the time the answer was no. Then late on Sunday we got asked by colleagues at Imperial College NHS if we could get 100 visors to the Excel centre by 12:00 on Monday as that was when the first training exercises at the Nightingale Hospital were due to start… and they didn’t yet have any visors to show people how to properly use PPE. Fortunately, Alex and Declan Carolan (FACT’s Lead Scientists) had been assembling visors on Sunday whilst Amanda Parfitt (FACT’s Office Manager) had been laminating the transparent shields with her kids. As a result FAC Technology delivered the first batch of 100 face visors to the new Nightingale Hospital at the London Excel Centre on Monday 30th March. As far as we know, they are still being used in training!

FAC Technology is currently working with injection moulding companies in order to facilitate a higher volume production capacity, should it be necessary. In the short-term, we know there are a vast number of 3D printing communities who are happy to print the face visor part and assemble the elastic band and plastic sheet in order to make complete face visors ready for delivery. There has been a fantastic response so if anybody knows a way to easily distribute the PPE to the medical professionals that need it most, please leave a comment below or send an email to

In addition, we along with others in the 3D printing community are working free of charge to help the NHS, and all face visors produced are donated to the hospitals. One of our community 3D printing companies is T-tek3d, who has made over 90 face shields ready to be supplied to hospitals. If you would like to make a donation to assist with T-tek3d’s manufacture of the visors, please visit the attached page

3 thoughts on “First 100 face visors delivered – more on the way

  1. Douglas Simpson

    You have recommended a 30cm Elastic band – but what width?

    • Admin

      Good point. A width of 12-20mm is ideal but outside of that range still works. If it too small, make the knot bigger, too large and you cut the tape in half so it is a smaller width.

  2. Douglas Simpson

    Thank -you with Headbands, a double thinner strand – say (tbc) 2x15mm could create pattern like
    Which may provide a wedge gap allowing support to be above and below over the rear bone in the skull leading to possible less “slippage”.

    A double strand may allows looping through end hole – Thus only one tie-knot end, rather that 2xtie knots, one at either end ( as in some prototype photos) .

    I would try to avoid cutting of elastic through the length, ( to decrease width) as could lead to fraying and fabric material / particle element contamination.

    Assuming Anonymous as site Admin? If so can contact to discuss.

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