Easy Face Visor

The most basic of face visors that can be made using easily purchased supermarket materials:

  1. An A4 sheet of plastic (Laminating pouch/ 0.1mm OHP Film/ 0.4mm acetate sheet – anything that is clear and stiffer than normal printing paper)
  2. Elastic Sewing Band
  3. Scissors

A step by step guide is shown below.

Step 1: Cut a ‘T’ into each corner of the long side length. They should be 2cm from the top, 2cm into the plastic, 2cm in length
Step 2: Thread elastic through T slot
Step 3: Pull elastic through until desired
Step 4: Tie elastic into a knot
Step 5: Cut off all 4 corners
Step 6: Visor is now ready to be used

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