Community effort to 3D print face visors

First of all, a big thank you to those who have already replied to our first post a couple of days ago about the 3D printed face visors. This is greatly appreciated and it is excellent to see so many enthusiastic individuals and organisations willing to use their time to help the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 3D printed visor is in rapid iteration and we have taken advice and inspiration from the many designs that are already being developed. The latest version, mk 7.2 has removed the additional fixtures such that the plastic visor is held in place by friction. The print time has been reduced to about 3 hours for a single piece. We are aware there are some techniques for printing quicker, but they have used a 0.8mm nozzle and this is double the size of the more commonly found 0.4mm.

The face visor is currently undergoing trials within the Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust. There is a great demand for these face visors, far more than we can supply by ourselves. The 3D printed visors will be delivered to BSI laboratories on Monday 30th March for accelerated evaluation so that existing contractors manufacturers in the UK can then produce these at huge volume to supply our NHS with the PPE they need. Once again thanks to all that have helped so far, and for volunteering your time and resources.

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