Community 3D Printed Face Visors for NHS – Update

Once again, thank you to all that have taken the time and effort to print 3D print our face visor. Your donations have meant we have been able to provide hundreds of visors to local NHS Trusts and medical professionals across London and the UK and help supply them with the much needed PPE. Moreover, these donations have also served to validate our design allowing us to move to a mass production manufacturing method and therefore supply thousands of visors to the NHS.

As we are now managing a high volume supply chain we are requesting that you no longer send us the visors you have made. Feel free to keep printing and donating them to friends and families or anybody else who may benefit. We have updated the 3D printed version to mk14, which can be downloaded here, in order to make it easier to print.

Thank you to our 3D Printing Community:

  • Tony Kemp, T-tek3D
  • Liam Wheeler, Joseph Giles
  • Edward William Architects
  • John Bentley
  • Fraser Callum
  • Lucy Fincham

Apologies if there is anyone I have missed. We have truly had a fantastic response and it has been great that we have been able to help the NHS during these unprecendeted circumstances

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