Assembly guide for injection moulded visor

Here is a guide for how to assemble the injection moulded visor (mk8.9.3)

1. Tie a knot around the rear hook of the race face visor using one end of the elastic band. Repeat the same for the other side. The knots should be as close to the end of the elastic as possible

2. Orientate the plastic film so it is landscape. Then take one corner and insert it into the visor, starting at the centre. Pull it a little way through the visor first, about 1 cm, and then slide it all the way to one side of the visor

3. Keep pulling the film through the visor, working back towards the centre and the end. When you get to a pinch point just pull the frame apart; there is enough flexibility that it shouldn’t snap.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other side. Pull the plastic film through until there is approximately a 1cm gap above the visor. The exact position is not critical as this can be adjusted by the wearer as necessary. The face visor is now complete.

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