3D Printed Face Visor – V1

We are aware of the critical shortage of face visors for health workers. We have modified a face visor that can be 3D printed at home (originally developed by Prusa Research) which then has an A4 plastic film attached to the front to act as a disposable barrier. The visor is secured to the head using an elastic strap.

The print took 8 hours and was made from PLA plastic. The plastic film are acetate sheets/ overhead projector film which can be easily purchased from any retailer which have then have four holes punched along one side. Likewise the elastic strap is commonly found in shops. A mark 2 version is currently being tested and will be posted here soon.

At the moment this is not ready for medical-grade sterilisation as the plastic will plastically deform when placed in an oven at high temperatures. However, we are discussing with industry partners an injection moulded method which will mean they can be produced at large volume and withstand high-temperature sterilisation processes.

Edit: 26th March 2020 – Design has been superseded so download link removed

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