3D Printed Face Visor – Update

We have optimised the design to make it quicker for 3D printing, so it now prints in about 6 hours. The NHS desperately want as many of these to be printed ASAP so they can run a trial and prove the design is suitable. For the purposes of the trial please only print with PLA. If you have access to other materials – ABS, Polycarbonate, SLA resin – by all means please print with it and provide them to loved ones and other people in our NHS. We are evaluating the viability of sterilisation/ medical cleaning processes so these could safely be reused until volume production in the UK is online.

If any companies/hobbyists have spare 3D printer capacity, then please contact us at covid19@factechnology.com. All CAD/STL/Drawings files can be downloaded from here

Edit 26th March 2020: Download link updated to Thingiverse.

12 thoughts on “3D Printed Face Visor – Update

  1. Grenville Owen

    I have 2 Ender 3 printers available.

    • Admin

      Great, thanks for your reply Grenville. I’m just sending you an email

  2. We would be happy to assist.

    • Admin

      Super thanks. I have just sent you an email. And to anyone else who can lend their 3D printing services, we know of a few hospitals that are currently critically short (like less than 100 in stores) so this is a very urgent priority. If people can start printing asap, we will post another update tomorrow about collection/delivery. Thanks for your support, this really is great stuff.

  3. Sketch Turner

    Hi, my school has asked if I can use ours printers and mine at home to help

  4. Francesco

    I can have 2 face visors ready for the end of the morning. Started printing yesterday night. Let me know how I can send them to you.

  5. 6 Hours :0 I have a version that can be printed in around 1hr and can also easily be injection moulded (I can set this up quickly if there is a genuine requirement from the NHS). Can you send me contact details for your contact in the NHS?



  6. Admin

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your input. We are consolidating everyone’s effort into one central distribution network and will get back in touch. Andrew Davidson, thanks for the suggestion. We are testing thinner designs now. Of course it’s a trade-off between manufacturing speed vs functionality, but we will post the result here once know.

  7. Scott Williams

    Hi, I’ve got 3 printers here on the go. What are the exact specs on visor style/type and if PLA is ok

    Kind Regards

    Scott Williams

    • Admin

      Hi Scott. Please print the Mk7.2 face visor. PLA is fine. Whilst we have uploaded a stacked print sale, we have found that printing them one at a time is preferable because it means you don’t require supports

  8. Alex Bolton

    can i help have ordered Ender 3 pro

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