Community 3D Printed Face Visors for NHS – Update

Once again, thank you to all that have taken the time and effort to donate face visors to FAC Technology. Your efforts have really been appreciated and we have been able to donate hundreds of visors to local NHS Trusts and medical professionals across London and the UK and help supply them with the much cirtically needed PPE. Moreover, these donations have also served to validate our design allowing us to move to a mass production manufacturing method and therefore supply thousands of visors to the NHS.


Face Visor: Washing Process and Reusability

Face Visor: Washing Process and Reusability Disclaimer: This article does not provide any guidance as to the suitability of washing processes to remove SARS-CoV-2 from a visor. The aim is to guide health workers in choosing a suitable washing process for the visor to maintain/retain optical and mechanical functionality of the face visor. PDF versions…


First 100 face visors delivered – more on the way

On Monday 30th March FAC Technology delivered the first batch of 100 face visors to the new Nightingale Hospital at the London Excel Centre. They will be used by the NHS to train up new staff. This is a great achievement to have taken a design from prototype to delivery in just over a week.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 15.01.32

Community effort to 3D print face visors

First of all, a big thank you to those who have already replied to our first post a couple of days ago about the 3D printed face visors. This is greatly appreciated and it is excellent to see so many enthusiastic individuals and organisations willing to use their time to help the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.


3D Printed Face Visor – Update

We have optimised the design to make it quicker for 3D printing, so it now prints in about 6 hours. The NHS desperately want as many of these to be printed ASAP so they can run a clinical trial and prove the design ready for mass production. For the purposes of the medical trial please only print with PLA. If you have access to other materials – ABS, Polycarbonate, SLA resin – by all means please print with it as this can be shared with loved ones or local hospitals. We are developing the sterilisation/ medical cleaning process for each material.


3D Printed Face Visor – V1

We are aware of the critical shortage of face visors for health workers. We have modified a face visor that can be 3D printed at home (originally developed by Prusa Research) which then has an A4 plastic film attached to the front to act as a disposable barrier. The visor is secured to the head using an elastic strap.



Like everybody in the UK, Europe – the World – FAC Technology are repurposing its resources to help fight the spread of coronavirus. We are a company that specialises in rapid R&D so we will be using our skills and knowledge of developing composites materials and manufacturing methods to demonstrate solutions for the cheap and fast production of PPE. All research will be open source, free for public use and published under a Creative Commons License.